> Quick Set Christmas Trees
QUICK SET CHRISTMAS TREES Artificial trees with professionally strung lights
and an advanced lighting system.
INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY All light strings are seamlessly connected within the tree trunk
EASY SET-UP Effortlessly illuminate your tree with a single plug

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Quick Set
Christmas Trees
Breeze through the holiday razzle and dazzle with Treetopia’s delightful collection of Quick Set artificial Christmas trees. Light strings connect through the trunk, making assembly as easy as snapping the sections into place. With our innovative lighting technology, a single plug is all you need to illuminate your tree.
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Color Blast  Balsam Spruce <span>|7'|Full 51"|Color Blast LED </span> Addison Spruce <span>|6'|Slim 43"|Clear LED </span> Frosty Flocked Christmas Tree <span>|7'|Full 50"|Clear LED </span>
color blast LED7' clear LED6' clear LED7'
Color Carnival Flocked Tree <span>|7.5'|Full 53"|Color Blast LED </span> Balsam Spruce <span>|6' 47"|Clear & Multi LED </span> Frosty Flocked Christmas Tree <span>|9'|Full 62"|Clear LED </span>
7.5' clear & multi LED6' clear LED9'
Balsam Spruce <span>|4' 33"|Clear & Multi LED </span> Balsam Spruce <span>|9' 68"|Clear & Multi LED </span> Oh Christmas Tree <span>|7.5'|Full 61"|Clear LED </span>
clear & multi LED4' clear & multi LED9' clear LED7.5'
Balsam Spruce <span>|4' 33"|Clear LED </span> Snowy Spruce Flocked Christmas Tree <span>|9'|Slim 46"|Clear </span> Balsam Spruce <span>|12' 75"|Clear & Multi LED </span>
clear LED4' clear9' clear & multi LED12'
Balsam Spruce <span>|10' 66"|Clear & Multi LED </span> Balsam Spruce <span>|15' 55"|Clear LED </span> Balsam Spruce <span>|8' 59"|Clear & Multi LED </span>
clear & multi LED10' clear LED15' clear & multi LED8'
Balsam Spruce <span>|12' 75"|Clear LED </span> Fraser Fir <span>|5.5'|Full 41"|Clear LED </span> Balsam Spruce <span>|10' 66"|Clear LED </span>
clear LED12' clear LED5.5' clear LED10'
Balsam Spruce <span>|7' 51"|Clear & Multi LED </span> Balsam Spruce <span>|9' 68"|Clear LED </span> Oh Christmas Tree <span>|6'|Full 53"|Clear LED </span>
clear & multi LED7' clear LED9' clear LED6'
Addison Spruce <span>|7'|Slim 45"|Clear & Multi LED </span> Addison Spruce <span>|6'|Slim 43"|Clear & Multi LED </span> Addison Spruce <span>|10'|Slim 61"|Clear & Multi LED </span>
clear & multi LED7' clear & multi LED6' clear & multi LED10'
Oh Christmas Tree <span>|7.5'|Full 61"|Clear & Multi LED </span> Addison Spruce <span>|7'|Slim 47"|Clear LED </span> Fraser Fir <span>|7.5'|Full 49"|Clear LED </span>
clear & multi LED7.5' clear LED7' clear LED7.5'
Alexander Fir Tree <span>|4.5'|Full 40"|Clear & Multi LED </span> Oh Christmas Tree <span>|6'|Full 53"|Clear & Multi LED </span> Addison Spruce <span>|7'|Slim 47"|Clear </span>
clear & multi LED4.5' clear & multi LED6' clear7'
Addison Spruce <span>|6'|Slim 43"|Clear </span> Oh Christmas Tree <span>|7.5'|Full 61"|Clear </span>
clear6' clear7.5'
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Treetopia’s Quick Set Christmas trees feature an innovative lighting system that connects all light strings through the trunk. Each quick set tree effortlessly lights up with a single plug, giving you more time to decorate your artificial Christmas tree!
“This tree was very easy to set up, fits perfectly in the space I had in mind,
and I would most definitely recommend this little gem
to anyone looking for this type of tree. I love it!”
by Cindy C.
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