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Colorful Pencil Christmas Trees

Colorful Pencil
Christmas Trees
Smaller apartments turn into a fun holiday spectacle with Treetopia's colorful Christmas trees. Each pencil colorful tree is designed to help you save on space, which you can efficiently use for holiday gatherings. Available in a variety of chic colors, our artificial Christmas trees flaunt your taste in holiday style.
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All That Glitters Pencil Tree <span>|7'|Pencil 23"|Clear </span> Stiletto Black Pencil Tree <span>|7'|Pencil 23"|Clear </span> Pink Pumps Pencil Tree <span>|6'|Pencil 18"|Clear LED </span>
clear7' clear7' clear LED6'
Pink Pumps Pencil Tree <span>|7'|Pencil 19"|Clear LED </span> Pink Pumps Pencil Tree <span>|8'|Pencil 21"|Clear LED </span> Stiletto Black Pencil Tree <span>|6'|Pencil 23"|Clear LED </span>
clear LED7' clear LED8' clear LED6'
Stiletto Black Pencil Tree <span>|7'|Pencil 23"|Clear LED </span> Stiletto Black Pencil Tree <span>|8'|Pencil 25"|Clear LED </span> Tango Red Lipstick Pencil Tree <span>|7'|Pencil 23"|Clear LED </span>
clear LED7' clear LED8' clear LED7'
Shimmering Silver Pencil Tree <span>|6'|Pencil 23"|Clear LED </span> Shimmering Silver Pencil Tree <span>|7'|Pencil 23"|Clear LED </span> Shimmering Silver Pencil Tree <span>|8'|Pencil 25"|Clear LED </span>
clear LED6' clear LED7' clear LED8'
Skim Milk Pencil Tree <span>|6'|Pencil 18"|Clear LED </span> Skim Milk Pencil Tree <span>|8'|Pencil 21"|Clear LED </span> Skim Milk Pencil Tree <span>|7'|Pencil 19"|Clear LED </span>
clear LED6' clear LED8' clear LED7'
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Save space without skimping on style with Treetopia’s colorful tall, skinny Christmas trees. Decide on the perfect color, then choose from our selection of pre-lit pencil Christmas trees for a holiday display that brightens up even the tightest of spaces.

Tall, Skinny Christmas Trees to Suit Any Area

A pre-lit, pencil Christmas tree is the perfect solution for narrow areas, or if you need a tree that takes up very little space. Its diameter is up to 60% smaller than that of a full Christmas tree, allowing you to put up a holiday centerpiece without rearranging your furniture. A tall, skinny Christmas tree leaves plenty of room for moving around or hosting get-togethers.

With limited branches to decorate, thin Christmas trees require as few or as many ornaments as you wish to make them stand out. Decide on a color scheme before you start dressing your skinny Christmas tree in order to create a cohesive display. Pick a theme with one or two dominant colors, then use ornaments and other accents in varying shades of that palette.

Leave enough space between decorations to let the foliage shine through. For a more interesting look, experiment with accessories of various sizes and textures. A great way to make your thin Christmas tree appear fuller is to hang smaller ornaments near the trunk, while placing bigger ones on the branch tips. As a finishing touch, wrap colorful ribbons or garlands around your tall, skinny Christmas tree to highlight its elegant silhouette and add volume. Don’t forget to top it off with a lightweight tree topper to complete your display.

Pre-lit Pencil Christmas Trees in Your Favorite Color

At Treetopia, we go beyond tradition and encourage you to use your tree to express yourself. Even with a thin Christmas tree, you can still showcase a lot of personality. Choose a color that best represents your style, and dress it up to match.

Freshen up your space with pristine white Christmas trees, or go modern glam with a dramatic black centerpiece. These neutral shades complement many decorating themes and provide the perfect backdrop to colorful ornaments. Choose trees in warm, vivid hues to create a cheerful vibe or pick cool-toned foliage for a calm, soothing display. Bring life to any party with tall and skinny Christmas trees in shimmering silver and gold.

Pre-lit Pencil Christmas Trees for Easy Set-Up

Shine the spotlight on your tall and skinny Christmas tree by setting it aglow. For faster assembly, we offer pre-lit pencil Christmas trees. The lights are professionally hand-strung to give you the best coverage while minimizing the appearance of wires.

Some of our slim, lighted Christmas trees are pre-lit with the traditional warm glow of clear lights. For a more festive effect, go for multi-lit trees that include a merry mix of colored bulbs. If you’re hanging your own lights, keep in mind that a light density of 300 bulbs is ideal for a 7-foot tree. A pencil Christmas tree needs half the lights used by a full one, making it more energy-efficient and easier to maintain.

Don’t let narrow areas limit your holiday fun. Explore our selection of space-saving thin Christmas trees today. To see even more styles and options for your Christmas décor, browse our complete selection of artificial Christmas trees in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Browse our blog for more decorating tips and ideas.

"Love, love this tree.
Wanted something different this year and this tree was perfect.
Very full, exactly what I wanted."
by Lucyann
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