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Traditional Artificial Christmas Trees

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Treetopia Balsam Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Luxe Balsam Spruce Treetopia No. 2 Pencil Classic Skinny Christmas Tree Treetopia Alexander Fir Artificial Christmas Tree
  4'  6'  7'  8'  10'  12'  15'
  6'  7'  9'
  6'  7.5'  9'  10'  12'
  6.5'  7.5'  9'
Cascade Mountain Spruce<span class="tag sale"></span> Color Carnival Flocked tree<span class="tag sale"></span> Treetopia Color Blast Balsam Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Kennedy Fir
  6.5'  7.5'
  6'  7'  8'  9'
  6.5'  7.5'  9'
Treetopia Addison Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree Portland Pine Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Noble Fir Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Knocked Upside Down Artificial Christmas Tree
  6'  7'  7.5'  9'  10'  12'
  6.5'  7.5'  9'
  5.5'  6.5'  7.5'
  7'  9'
Treetopia My Better Half Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia In Your Corner Unique Artifical Christmas Tree Treetopia Oh Realistic Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Flocked No. 2 Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree

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  6'  7.5'
Treetopia Slim Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Asheville Pine Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia California Douglas Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

Product price is not filled in. This product cannot be purchased.

Product price is not filled in. This product cannot be purchased.

Product price is not filled in. This product cannot be purchased.

6' 7' 8' 10'
6' 8'
6' 7' 8'
  4'  6'  7'  8'  10'
  6'  7.5'  9'  10'  12'
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A lush, green Christmas tree is likely one of the first things that come to mind when you think about the holidays. Real trees are always a welcome sight, but their upkeep requires a lot of work and can leave a mess in your home. Instead of a real tree, why not get a high-quality artificial Christmas tree that you can enjoy for years? Treetopia’s wide range of classic green artificial Christmas trees are designed to fit your desired look, whatever your style may be.

Artificial Green Trees in a Myriad of Shapes

Treetopia’s traditional green Christmas trees come in a variety of shapes and heights to suit your style and space. They use a mix of realistic PE needles and classic PVC needles. Turn up the holiday vibe of any room in an instant with a traditional full shaped tree. Choose an artificial green tree from our most common heights of 6 to 7.5 feet or find a taller one to decorate spacious rooms with high ceilings.

Want an artificial green Christmas tree that’s out of the ordinary? Deck your halls with slim or pencil traditional Christmas trees. Choose a slender tree when decorating nooks, or use a pair to flank entrances, fireplace mantels, and more. For dorms, apartments, and small rooms, consider flatback and corner trees. These save on space without skimping on holiday cheer.

Artificial Green Christmas Trees Provide Easy, Breezy Setup

A Christmas tree would not be complete without sparkle and shine, and how much depends on you. Treetopia’s pre-lit green Christmas trees feature Quick Set lights. All you need to do is plug in the tree and these automatically turn on. Choose from either classic incandescent lights or energy-efficient LEDs. Take your pick from a warm, candle-like glow or a playful mix of jewel tones. You can even enjoy a light show at a touch of a button with our Color Blast technology. Customize the colors and effects to match your mood and get festive!

To make decorating easier and even more fun, consider our Grow and Stow trees. Exclusive to our artificial green Christmas trees, this technology lets you set up and “shrink” your tree with just a touch of a button. No need for heavy lifting when assembling and storing your tree!

Decorating a Traditional Green Christmas Tree

Whether your decorating theme is traditional, trendy, or quirky, an artificial green Christmas tree makes a versatile backdrop for your design. Select from classic themes or dare to be different with out-of-the-box concepts. Complete the look with beautiful wreaths and garlands that match your tree.

If you’re recreating winter scenes, check out our collection of flocked artificial Christmas trees. The snowy needles can be left bare for a minimalist look. On the flip side, you can also decorate with tons of ornaments. Dress up your winning centerpiece according to your idea of a white Christmas.

Get crafty and let your loved ones join in the fun! Consider DIY ornaments to give your classic green Christmas tree a customized and sentimental feel. Your green tree can be used for various celebrations all throughout the year, too. Dress it up with spooky ornaments for Halloween or flowers for spring. Or, tone down your decorations for a lumberjack-themed birthday bash or a minimalist Scandinavian-themed party. These are just a few of the holidays and events you can celebrate, using a green tree as your centerpiece.

Find a Perfect Artificial Christmas Tree

Whether you're searching for a traditional green Christmas tree or something extra special, Treetopia has you covered. Explore our full selection of classic green Christmas trees and unique colorful trees to suit your distinct style and personality!

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